Blues In Britan, April 2012

     David is a guitarist/vocalist who has been long established on the American Bay Area scene. During his 25 year career,to date, he spent time in Paris in the early nineties before returning to the States.

     The T Bone Walker tribute instrumental "bone Up!" gets things underway. The whole number swings along with a walking bass line and both guitar and organ putting in solos- a really good opener! "Maureen" has a chunky rhythm, a good sax break and a nice line in wry lyrics. The title track has a Texas feel whilst "Our Last Goodbye" is a ballad which has a Garry Moore feel about it and a big 'guitar hero finish'. "I'm So Tired" is a good slow blues which starts off quietly but then cranks up the intensity towards the end.  "I'm A Little Bit Better" is a good 'bomp-de-bomp' number with harp and piano whilst there is a jazzier feel to the instrumental "the Mother Load".

     David's vocals are light but fit the songs well. The guitar work is generally clean and not overplayed with the occasional use of wah-wah. David is also a pretty good wordsmith and certainly does not rely on stock phrases or 12 bar patterns. This is a solid cd of modern West coast blues-rock with 11 self penned track.

     - R Jim Greaves